This Vlogger Used Root Spray On Her Brows And It’s Genius!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, by now you’re well aware that in the beauty world, brows can make or break your face. Whether on Instagram or Youtube, beauty aficionados everywhere are going to great measures to ace the brow game and sport enviably trimmed, lush brows to anchor their faces. From Rihanna’s Frida Khalo-inspired brows in her “Kiss it Better” video to full-browed beauty twins, Cipriana Quann and TK Wonder, brows have officially stolen the spotlight in the beauty-sphere. 

A bond no one can break. With my bestie/twin @tk_wonder, the love of my life.Photo: ddiegovillarreal #QuannSisters

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True beauty girls know that at least five minutes of their beauty routine will be dedicated to penciling in perfectly sculpted brows, but what if you aren’t so skilled with pencil liner or an angled brush? If you dedicate twenty minutes to achieving your perfect brow look and still can’t seem to get it right, this new technique may save your morning—and your face. Beauty vlogger, Tootsie Time, recently took to YouTube to debut her latest eyebrow technique, and we’re kind of in awe that we didn’t think of this genius hack sooner! Instead of wasting time trying to scuplt the perfect brows every morning and battling with uneven or boxy brows, Tootsie opted to use spray on hair color and stencils to create perfectly even, full brows. Genius!

Want to give spray on brows a try? Here are a few options to try:

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