By now, most of you have heard, read about or walked into your favorite retailer and inquired about BB Creams. Known as “beauty balms” they hit the shelves of top retailers and drugstores offering extraordinary skincare benefits such as uv protection, anti-wrinkle, brightening as well as skin regeneration and have proven to be a favorite in our cosmetic bags. 

Earlier this year, suddenlty there was a new cream on the block known as CC Cream. Set to replace the BB Cream as the all-in-one skincare solution, CC Creams (short for color correcting) are hitting the US in a major way. Packed with antioxidants like white and green tea, they target hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, blotchiness and strive to reduce the visibility of dark spots. Initially introduced in the Asian market, CC Creams are a part of a growing trend merging skincare and makeup and like BB Creams they cover blemishes while treating and nourishing your skin.

While many consumers complain that BB Creams don’t offer enough shades to accommodate everyone, the CC Creams that we found offered multiple shades, provided a more radiant and blended look, presented a whipped texture and gave us amplified color. Take a look at our faves!