As Pride month winds down, creatives continue to nod to the flag with rainbow looks in honor of the LGBTQ+ celebration. It’s an easy way to commemorate the queer community during the month of June and beyond. And makeup artists like Ciara Daniel show their support in many ways, some of which include some serious use of their brushes and palettes.

The 25-year-old creative says that she always likes to do a look to celebrate Pride month each year. And did she do a lewk.

This year, she created a standout beat with the focus on her eyes. She blended the colors of the rainbow flag in a beautiful scape on her eyelids, and topped it off with a dotted pattern. She even added neons to her right brow subtly (and we all know neons and subtle do not go together). Nothing about the look says easy and everything about it says festive.

“The most challenging part was blending all of the colors just right, especially on my eyebrows,” she tells ESSENCE. “[If you’re going to do this look] have patience, work in sections, and use a small detailed brush to pack the colors on exactly where you want them.”

Earlier this month she also put up a post on Instagram that honored her fellow Black makeup artists (also in beautiful colorful makeup), saying that the ladies inspire her. We know influencers live and breathe constructing outer beauty, so it’s always nice to see their inner beauty shine as bright as their highlighter.

“I see makeup as an art,” says the Newport News, Virginia-native. “Makeup is therapeutic in a way and feels like a safe space for me to express my creativity. It’s an amazing feeling to see my vision come together while creating my looks.”

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