Perfecting Your Liner Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

If your whole day is thrown off because you favorite liner ran out of pigment half-way through perfecting your wing this morning, or your just didn’t have the time to make sure that your liner was perfectly symmetrical, then you are well aware of the morning struggle women face whose signature look is dependent upon acing the feline flick. If you’re a member of this cult-beauty crowd, you can breathe a sigh of relief because Beautyblender‘s newest product could be the answer to your makeup prayers.

The newest addition to the coveted beauty line, is the “Liner Designer;” an asymmetrical flat pad is shaped like a guitar pick and is soon to become your beauty bestie! Made entirely of silicon, the pad is easy to clean and outfitted in an asymmetrical triangular fashion, the rounded, flat and curved  edges fit comfortably against your eye to create a flawless wing. Whether you prefer a simple feline flick or something a little more dramatic, the curvature of the blender can positioned to suit your needs. And, if you’re a fan of lip contouring, you can also use the Liner Designer ($16) to perfect your pout! 

Rejoice, this may have been the last morning that you had to stress over making sure your liner looks even, which means more time for catching a few extra Z’s or maybe even sitting down to enjoy breskfast—whoa!

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