MUST WATCH: This 3-Minute Lash Tutorial For The Unskilled

Your look isn’t complete without done up lashes, and these days more women are opting to wear falsies instead of solo mascara. But they’re not the easiest to apply if you’re not a professional makeup artist, and especially if you don’t wear lashes often.

New York-based beauty influencer Tiffany Violet just posted one of the best lashes 101 videos this week. In the 3-minute IGTV clip she lays down a thorough how-to for applying lashes if you’re a beginner.

It’s a nice departure from many of the makeup videos we see on Instagram that show artists creating looks with no tips or context for how much time they truly take. Violet also recognizes that for a newbie, it can be a tough task that adds up in wasted lashes.

“I’m not going to say it’s simple. I’ve ruined thousands of lashes learning how to apply lashes,” she tells viewers. “So hopefully that made it a little easier.”

Here are 3 key takeaways that you want to follow:

  • Give your lash glue 30 seconds to dry before you begin to apply the lashes.
  • Keep a mirror handy, and make sure you’re looking down into the mirror. It will ensure that you’re applying lashes downward.
  • Go in a downward motion, never up into your lash line. You want to start from above your eye and land it like a helicopter.
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