MUST WATCH: See Why This Hilarious Makeup Tutorial Went Viral Overnight

If you see social media vlogger Kashonna Daniels aka Kash Talkk on the Ellen DeGeneres Show soon, don’t be surprised. After her latest makeup video with her father and his friend doing the voiceover went viral, followers have been tagging the show.

The hilarious commentary is unlike anything you would hear in a typical social media makeup post—well, until now. Her father Frankie Daniels and Chris (Da Barber) may not know the difference between a highlight and a contour, but they sure know how to entertain. Their walk-through of the makeup process is genuine insight into what many men think when they watch the women in their lives execute a flawless beat like Daniels’.

The 21-year-old Philadelphia native and student barber told ESSENCE that it wasn’t the first time that she included dear ol’ dad in her beauty routine. She’s been creating YouTube content for more than a year and she has a video of her father doing her hair. This recent video came about because she wanted to include him again. New decade, new dad vid right?

While dad doesn’t know “why she put brown on top of brown” when she applies her foundation, he is confident that her lipgloss was already popping, and she just “re-popped” it. Frankie Daniels might have just started a new beauty term. Needless to say, the commentary from two men who seem to know pretty much nothing about makeup is priceless.

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With more than 33K views of the video on her page, and more than 1 million views on The Shade Room’s Instagram repost, the video is getting around quickly. She just might make it to Ellen after all. At the least, we hope she gets a mention.

For all the funny commentary, watch the entire video on Kash Talkk’s YouTube channel below.


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