10 Primers That Will Keep Your Makeup In Formation

Face primers are essential for makeup wearers. They create a smooth canvas for application and protect your skin from the nasty side effects of cosmetics (hello pimples!). If after a long day, your entire makeup look has melted into non-existence, skipping this essential step could be the reason why. And if you're already using primer, it could simply be the wrong one. Like a lot of other beauty staples, there are primers formulated specifically for your skin type; dry, oily, normal, sensitive or otherwise. If you have no idea which one may work best for your skin, our top ten must haves will bring you closer to a final choice. 

Jennifer Ford Sep, 27, 2016

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If you have oily skin, ensure your foundation lasts longer by working this oil control primer into your skin before makeup application. The formula acts a liquid blotting paper that keeps your skin fresh for up to 12 hours. $36, sephora.com

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Diminish the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles with this neutralizing primer, developed by plastic surgeons to blur out skin imperfections and support healthy skin. Perfect for all skin types. $38, sephora.com

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Minimize the appearance of imperfections and create a smooth canvas for makeup application with this radiant primer. Good for all skin types. $36, sephora.com

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This oil-free light correcting primer neutralizes skin and imparts a subtle glow that enhances the effects of light diffusion. This glow enhancer is perfect for creating a standout highlight and radiant skin. $44, sephora.com

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This twice as nice base works as a face primer and anti-aging serum with peptides and enzymes that support skin repair. Work a small amount of product onto your face before applying makeup or wear alone as a treatment. Ideal for all skin types. $38, sephora.com

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This face primer is ideal for dry and sensitive skin types. It’s packed with aloe vera, jojoba and shea extracts that nourish and hydrate so you can wear foundation comfortably all day. $38, sephora.com

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Smooth out the appearance of fine lines and pores by creating a smooth, pre-makeup canvas. Great for all skin types. $36, sephora.com

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This coconut infused primer is ideal for hydrating normal to dry skin and extending the wear of makeup. $44, sephora.com

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Wear this face primer alone or underneath makeup to create the appearance of flawless, soft focused skin. The formula is enriched with antioxidants, vitamins C and E, and green bean extract that supports all skin types. $39, sephora.com

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Reduce shine and oil with this mattifying primer that leaves makeup looking fresh for hours on end. Ideal for oily skin. $37, sephora.com


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