MAC Junkies Are About to Be Richly Rewarded

If you’re like us, your makeup bag, bathroom counter and essentially every other nook and cranny in your pad is teeming with beauty products. We can’t help ourselves, it’s all so pretty. If you’re particularly devoted to M∙A∙C, be prepared to clear away more space for your swag, because they’ve just launched a rewards program to thank you for your patronage. Swoon.

M∙A∙C Select touts itself as a members only program that offers “privileged access and prestigious service” to the brand’s faithful following. There are a few tiers involved but you can reached “Seduced” level just by signing up (and that will score you comped standard shipping, product samples and an annual gift, among other things.

But, hey, if you find yourself needing everything in, say, the limited edition Flamingo Park collection that’s available right now for example, and you rack up over $150 in M∙A∙C purchases in the calendar year, you’ll get bumped up to Devoted, which will allow you freebie express makeup applications and a jumpstart on snagging certain coveted collections.

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Of course if you’re a total M∙A∙C baller and spend $500 or more in a calendar year on their products (is it bad that this sounds really easy to do?), you’ll reach Obsessed level which rewards even more cool stuff, like first access to new products and two complimentary makeup applications.

Go ahead, M∙A∙C, sign us up…literally.

This article originally appeared in MiMi.