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Alright. All the lipsticks. Where to start. No, this is to pinky. [MUSIC] Watch somebody be like, ewe, that's ugly. Okay. [MUSIC] You know we gotta try different things cuz what really is nude? Nude is like a chocolate. It could be like a pinky. It could be like. Yeah. It could be anything. Nude is like a neutral color. I feel like nude always looks like my lips but better. That's cute. Why are you making that face? [LAUGH] I thought it was good. This is too dark, it being a nuded. Wow. No, that's really pretty on you. I do think it doesn't actually like qualify. Yeah, it's not nude. Why. This is mauve. That's brown. It's, No. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] Sort of like reminds me of the gloss that I use to wear in high school. Like, it's basic. [LAUGH] Warning on this one. [MUSIC] That's pretty. Put on another coat. Really? I don't want to put too much on. [LAUGH] Why? I always put like a clear, light coat. Put a little bit more on the upper lip. I don't wanna look like I have ashy lips. You won't. That's what it will look like. What about this? I don't see anything. [LAUGH] Yeah. It's, Nah. It looks like gloss. This is tough. You know what I'm also afraid of? It's like, picking a nude that's grandma-y. I don't wanna look like a grandma. Like this. [LAUGH] This looks Grandma-y. [LAUGH] But this one, [MUSIC] What? << Yeah. << Who? << I'm going to try it. [MUSIC] [LAUGH] << My gosh. << Never. Never. Never participating this look. << That look Looks a concealer on your lips, you know. I think that's a good look for like Coachella, Essence Festival. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] No, no. [CROSSTALK] You got some food on your lip [MUSIC] I like this [UNKNOWN] color, actually. Yeah that's a good one. I don't really like matte lips and I feel like this is my lips but a little bit better. Do you have it on right now? Yeah. I like it that's nice. It's like my lips are naturally very pinky and I don't really do matte lipsticks like that so I'm not mad at it. [MUSIC]

Black Girl-Approved: 4 Game-Changing Nude Lipsticks You Have To Try 

We swatched and swiped until we found the best lippies for every shade of brown. 


There are certain makeup products we never stop searching for and nude lipstick is one of them.

If you’re a Black girl, the quest is even more difficult because unfortunately, brands are still struggling to include deeper tones in their lineup.

In this episode of Black Girl-Approved, we’re rummaging through a slew of our favorite shades to find the ones that actually pop against brown skin.

Watch above to see the four formulas that we’re officially in love with and shop them below!