Lining Your Lips is Now Called ‘Lip Contouring’

Full lips are the hot new facial accessory. Lucky for most of us, we’re abundantly blessed in the lip category, but if you’re looking to fake fuller lips, lip contouring could be the newest addition to your makeup technique.

Like many other beauty trends, the lip contouring technique is an old trick with a new name; your mom probably called it “lining” her lips. To add dimension and volume to your pout, you’ll have to dust off an old favorite. You may remember your lippie’s best friend in the 90’s, lip liner? It’s making a come back in a major way this season as full lips take center stage in the beauty sphere.

Here’s how to contour and perfect your pout.

1. Line the perimeter you your lips with your favorite flesh-toned lip liner. To add volume, you’ll want to over-line; meaning you’ll want to trace a little beyond the perimeter of your lips to create the illusion of fuller lips.

2. Lightly coat your concealer brush in concealer and press it into your lips to create a matte a foundation.

3. To add more dimension, use the same lip pencil you used previously to trace a line down the center of your lower lip to make your lips appear bulbous.

4. Retrace the line around the perimeter of your lips and fill in your lips with your matte lip of choice. 

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