Korean Beauty is Becoming a Staple in the US
Glow Recipe

Three years ago, no one knew a thing about skincare practices in Korea; and women weren’t running out in droves to purchase sheet masks. Today, Korean beauty has become a highly sought after cult-favorite that retailers like Urban Outfitters can hardly keep on their shelves. Recently, Macy’s has announced that popular K-Beauty retailer, Peach & Lily will be opening an shop-in shop in the flagship store in New York City. As industry heavyweights buy into the popular trend, it’s becoming evident that K-Beauty is here to stay.

Glow Recipe, a natural Korean beauty company that curates beauty k-beauty products based on input and analysis of the products by Korean beauty experts. The site, which offers customers that option to purchase various Korean beauty products also provides tutorials and “how to” videos which explain how to various products in detail.

Everything You Must Know About Korean Beauty

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If you’re an avid Shark Tank fan—like I am— then “Glow Recipe” may not sound too unfamiliar. The New York-based brand was featured on the show this past Friday where they landed a $425,000 investment deal. 

So what does this mean for the beauty scene? Sheet masks and egg mousse body oils won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon.

For an inside scoop on Korean beauty from the K-Beauty experts, check out Glow Recipe‘s site.