How to Master Feathery Lashes
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I’m typically a minimalist when it comes to makeup, but two things are certain when I leave the house: my brows are perfectly groomed and my lashes are lengthy and feathery. In fact, I have a running joke with my friends that outside of skincare, my eyes are the most important part of my face. Friends—my boyfriend in particular—know that when I’m doing my lashes or filling in my brows I am not to be disturbed. They understand that this is a process. I typically use three different kinds of mascara applied in timed intervals for various parts of my lashes. To be frank, often times, it’s less about the formula and much more about the brush. Although, I will say that I tend to prefer smoother mascara over the ultra-creamy ones because those tend to clump more and they also feel heavy on the lashes. Read on to discover my lash routine and my top picks to nail my signature feathery, bright-eyed look. The Process 1. For your first coat use a lengthening mascara. The spooley should be long and should not have densely packed bristles. Apply one coat of this mascara to clean lashes wiggling the brush upwards from the base of the lash. Be sure to coat all of your lashes once, but double-up on the center lashes. 2. Using the same mascara coat the back of your lashes drawing upwards from mid-lash to tip 3. Alternating to your second mascara— preferably one with a densly packed brush— hold your mascara at a vertical angle and focus on the outer lashes, drawing your mascara wand outward from the base. You want to be sure that your outer lashes are as separated as possible. 4. Keeping with the same mascara, focus on the lashes on the inner corners of your eyes and repeat step three. 5. Switch to your last mascara and hold your arm at a 90 degree angle keeping your mascara wand parallel to the floor and run the want over the tips of your lashes. 6. Coat your bottom lashes with a single coat of the mascara that you used in step one, drawing the wand from mid-lash to tip. Avoid touching the base of the lash to keep your lower lash line clean. My Mascara Arsenal 1. Rilastil Milan Long Lash Mascara, $32 2. Kevyn Aucoin The Volume Mascara, $32 3. Bobbi Brown Everything Mascara, $26 4. Jay Manuel Beauty The Everything Mascara, $26 5. CoverGirl Super Sizer By Lashblast Mascara, $7 at drugstores 6. Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, $23 7. L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Million Lashes Excess, $9 Do you have a lash ritual? Tell us your favorite products in the comments below!

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