How To Get A Beach Body in 10 Minutes

As a social media-obsessed millennial, I could waste countless hours double tapping and scrolling through Instagram learning the latest makeup techniques (I’m looking at you, strobing) and the hottest workout trends. As I’m sure you’ve learned by now, contouring is out—at least for your face. The newest contouring techniques are all below the neck and sometimes even below the belt! And, it turns out A-listers have been using these tricks for ages! All you need is your favorite contour palette (we love the Sephora + Pantone Correct + Conceal Palette $49, at Here are three new contouring techniques to add to your beauty repertoire.

1. Beach-ready legs.

2. Accentuating your bustline and clavicle bones.

3. For the perfect faux 6-pack.

We Tried It: Spray Tanning

While faking the funk is a quick fix, it shouldn’t take the place of your health and fitness, you should definitely invest in a crunch or two before hitting the sheets tonight. But, if you’re running out of time to achieve your perfect beach bod, these techniques a good stand-in for all of the Instagram-worthy selfies you’re sure to snap. If you’re not so skilled with a makeup brush, you can mimic these same techniques with a little self tanner. Thank us later.

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