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There are certain products that induce a very specific kind of anxiety and one of them is blush. Where do we apply it? What color goes best with my skin tone? Which formula should I be using? The questions are endless and more often than not, go unanswered when we don’t have an expert on hand. 

We’ve shown you the best options for every shade of brown, but what you probably didn’t know is that face shape and application go hand in hand. 

According to MAKE UP FOR EVER Director of Artistry and Education Lijha Stewart, the best way to find your face shape is to compare its length and width.

“This tells you if your face is longer than it is wide, or wider than it is long,” Stewart adds. “Next, focus on splitting your face into three horizontal sections; top of hair line to eyes, eyes to bottom of the nose and bottom of nose to chin. This helps you to determine points of intensity on the face.”

Once you can visualize those three sections, ask yourself these questions: 

-Is the face longer than it is wide or is it equal in length and width?

-Are the forehead and jaw the same width or is one more prominent than the other?

-Is the chin pointed, round or square?

The answers will determine your face shape and subsequently, how you should be applying makeup. Watch the video above to see what category you fall under and shop the Black girl-friendly shades from MAKE UP FOR EVER’s new Artist Face Color Powders below. 

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