There’s no need to buy a costume for Halloween. Every beauty girl knows that foundation, a dust of eye shadow and eyeliner can take you a long way. Transform into a zombie, vampire and every other creepy creature this year by using basic beauty products with expert level payoff. Subscribe to our daily newsletter for the latest in hair, beauty, style and celebrity news. Now is the time to abandon your everyday routine and boring makeup rules by recreating one of these beautifully horrific Instagram transformations. Gather your bare essentials and prepared to be amazed: Skullhead Realness
Recreate this skull head look by using a light colored foundation to create the zombie effect. You can also utilize lots of setting powder, a deep contouring powder and black eyeliner to detail your nose and mouth. Grunge Glam
Use your eyeshadow palette to recreate this grunge clown-inspired look. Go heavy on the eye makeup using a combination of dark and sparkly shades, over line your lips with a lip liner to form a jokerish grin, and use a liquid eyeliner and cream blush to create the clown collar. Two-Faced Beauty Create your own mask with this easy two faced inspired looks. Instead of going full coverage, leave the perimeters of your face bare, and use white eyeliner and tape to create the illusion of a second skin. Lavender Mermaid Recreate this mermaid inspired makeup look, by applying stickered gems to face and or course a whimsical colored pout. Sassy Vampire What would Halloween be without sexy vampires? Conjure up this look by piling on the eyeshadow and packing on the glitter to create a dramatic eye makeup. Finish it off with a vampy lip and of course prosthetics blood, which is really just red lip gloss.


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