Watch These Hilarious Makeup Tutorials If You’re in a Trump Slump
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Depending on your political affiliation and interests, the mere thought of Donald Trump as our actual President Elect leaves you brooding.

Despite feelings of loss and confusion, one thing we haven’t lost is a sense of humor, which we’ll desperately need to get us through the next four daunting years.

In case you haven’t cracked a smile since Election Day, here are four hilarious makeup tutorials (NSFW) to boost your spirits.



Beauty Gurus Be Like

We can all relate to watching a makeup tutorial from that one beauty guru who doesn’t relate.

Cachet Face Mask Gone Wrong

Let this be a lesson to never fall asleep while wearing your face mask. YouTuber Keara Raynor did exactly that and this is what happened. Her reaction is hilarious!

KiKi Makeup Tutorial

This “Waffle House Yellow” eyeshadow tutorial will make you laugh to the point of tears! But if you’re not “both handed,” you may find this tutorial “ova-rated.”

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Bull S*** Makeup Tutorial

And if none of these videos made you laugh, this imperfect but perfect makeup tutorial will. We promise. 


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