Learn How To Contour Your Eyes and Lips With Our Step by Step Guide

Overly sculpted cheeks are so 2015. “There has been a craze around contouring—and there have been several failed attempts at contouring new places,” says José Rivera. (Yes, butt and earlobe contouring were really a thing!) “The idea of making your eyes and lips bigger can be enticing.” What once took an arsenal of brushes and products is now achievable in moments. See how the Benefit Cosmetics makeup master broke down eye and lip sculpting for our November 2016 issue. Trust us; you'll be ready to take on these incredibly easy techniques! 

Nykia Spradley Oct, 21, 2016

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With a pencil or powder in a medium to dark brown shade, draw along the top of the brow to establish the shape and frame the eye (we like Benefit Ka-Brow! Eyebrow Cream-Gel in 05 Deep- $24, sephora.com). Starting on top produces a sexier curve than filling from the bottom.

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Blend from the top line down toward the baseline of the brow using a second shade that is lighter and cooler. Going dark to light from top to bottom delivers a contoured effect.

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Define the baseline of the brow by adding a subtle glow with a highlighter just under the arch. This creates a contrast while further graduating the color of the brow toward the eye.

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Using an eye shadow duo in mono tones (one dark, one light), swipe the darker shade on top. Where the lighter shade elongates and accentuates, dark colors do the opposite.

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With an eye pencil (try It Cosmetics Brow Power Super Skinny Pencil in Universal Dark Brown-$24, sephora.com), trace a thin line above the upper lash line to shape the eye. Then blend to soften the look (think smoky eye) so you don’t take away from the structure of the brow.

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Apply mascara over the top of the lashes, then go back and apply from underneath. “Top-loading” the lashes allows for the max amount of product in the least amount of time.

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To make lips look fuller, first determine the shape by outlining with a shade that’s darker than the primary color you will be using. Then apply the lipstick to the center only. We like Benefit They're Real! Double the Lip in Flame Game ($29, sephora.com).

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Press lips together to combine. The lighter tinge in the center and a slightly darker perimeter will give your kisser a more pronounced appearance.

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