10 Black Girl-Approved Blushes That’ll Warm Up Your Face This Fall

Getting color right is key when it comes to choosing a blush: Rock a shade too bright and you’ll look like a clown. Choose a shade too deep and it’ll muddy up your complexion. We’ve all been at the home stretch of a semi-flawless makeup look only to ruin it by dusting an unforgiving shimmer on our cheeks. If you're a blush novice with no idea of where to start, we’ve sifted through the best blushes on the market to create this buffet of black-girl friendly options to choose from.

Jennifer Ford Sep, 07, 2016

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Apply this berry-colored blush on the hollows of cheeks for added dimension. $23, maccosmetics.com.

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A rose-colored blush is perfect for faking rosy cheeks. This shade is a makeup kit must-have for medium to deep skin tones. $5, target.com.

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Apply this soft, velvety powder to the highest points of cheeks for a luminous, bronzed glow. $33, nordstrom.com.

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Okay, hear us out with this one. This isn’t actually a green blush. When applied, it transforms into a natural-looking, rosy pink shade that flatters your complexion. $24, lipstickqueen.com.

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A hot-pink blush is always a great option for warming up the face. Though this risqué shade looks amazing on darker complexions, we advise using it in moderation. Lightly dust several sheer layers until you get your desired look. $20, smashbox.com.

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With just one swipe, this slightly glossy stain will give you a natural flush on-the-go. $16, sephora.com.

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This best-selling blush creates the perfect peachy flush while creating lit-from-within radiance. Lightly dust the cult-favorite onto the apples of cheeks for a healthy glow. $30, sephora.com.

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We promise you won’t look like an Oompa Loompa with orangey blush. This shade instantly brightens up your complexion and creates a healthy, natural glow on medium skin tones. $26, sephora.com.

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Brown shades work wonders for bringing out cheekbones and creating a chiseled look along the jawline. Layer this blush with a softer shade to prevent a harsh payoff. $26, urbandecay.com.

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If you’re a fan of cool tones, you should keep a purple blush on standby. While the color might seem extremely odd, it looks great on brown skin and tones down bright highlights. $6, amazon.com.


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