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<p>Yes, Lace Front Eyebrows Are Still A Thing</p>

And they're not going anywhere. Would you rock them?


There are no bounds when it comes to beauty innovation and this recent video from the Shade Room Instagram feed is proof of that.

In a clip uploaded this weekend, a woman gets fitted for lacefront eyebrows, a product I had no idea existed until now. If you’ve never heard of a lacefront wig, think of them as false eyelashes for the face, where synthetic hairs are weaved into lace material and adhered to the skin. 

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Sites including The Huffington Post and Refinery29 reported on them back in 2014, but as it turns out, they’ve reemerged into the beauty spotlight and are proving to be lucrative.

A quick Google search turns up a handful of sites dedicated to the niche product and even more YouTube tutorials that detail how to apply them. 

As someone with non-existent brows, I’m not ashamed to admit that the idea of pasting on fuller ones is intriguing, but let’s be real: I’d be too worried about them dancing around my face without permission.

If like me, you aren’t brave or patient enough to don an eyebrow-shaped wig on your face, here are the alternatives, starting with the most extreme.

Eyebrow Transplant or Tattoos

If you’ve got the cash and simply want to lessen the time needed to manually fill in your brows, full on transplants or tattoos are more popular than ever. Although the latter doesn’t last forever, it does require the type of commiittment that you can’t easily remove, so tread lightly. 

Tara Ziemba


Right now, the beauty industry is in a love affair with this method of semi-permanent tattooing. It involves a group of tiny needles etching pigment into the skin, thus creating the illusion of fuller brows.


It’s a bit pricey, but if you want to experiment with a new look before fully committing, this is the way to go. 

Eyebrow Serums

DIY afficionados and product junkies will appreciate the growing list of eyebrow serums that promise to regrow hairs from the inside out.

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Whether you’re getting it in prescription form or at your local department store, be sure to doublecheck that the ingredients won’t cause damage to your skin. 

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Step Away From The Tweezers

If you’ve got small eyebrows by choice and are desperate to grow them back, start by scaling back on the salon appointments. It’ll be an awkward couple of weeks while those sparse hairs grow back in, but in the end, you’ll have more than enough new growth to work with. 

And as always, there are countless liner, pomades and gels to choose from. What’s your preferred brow method? 



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