This Mommy-Daughter Duo Will Melt Your Heart With Their Voiceover Challenge
surachetkhamsuk/@ellarie and @yoshidoll

We all know and love Ellarie, the YouTube makeup genius. With over one million Instagram followers, she not only shows the world how to ‘beat’ your face, but isn’t afraid to tell you that she loves wearing a lot of makeup, too. 

About a year ago, she brought her adorable daughter on the scene with the YouTube channel, Yoshidoll. If you’re a sucker for cute kids and informative tutorials, you’ve got to check her out.

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Once in a while, we’ll see a video of this mommy-daughter duo and it’s total #wombfire.

This week, Ellarie posted her version of the ‘Voiceover Challenge’ sweeping through social media, where her adorable 5-year-old narrates how to get a sparkly blue smokey eye.

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Little Yoshidoll informs viewers how to “blush” and “stir” makeup over their face. And in her world, half of the products are “conditioner.” Can you say too cute?!

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Besides her unique names for some of the techniques and formulas, she definitely gets makeup more than some of my adult counterparts.

“Not too much black so it’s not too crazy. Black is a very crazy color,” Yoshi informs viewers when her mommy is blending black with the poppy blue shadow. 

She also notes that the foundation is to “highlight the brown color” of her skin. #BlackGirlMagic

If she’s this knowledgable at 5 years old, we can’t wait to see her makeup skills when she’s 10. Yoshidoll definitely has a future in the beauty industry. 

Watch for yourself!


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