Editors' Picks: All You Need For Spring

Spring beauty must-haves straight from the makeup bags and medicine cabinets of ESSENCE fashion and beauty editors.

Crystal G. Martin Apr, 21, 2014

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"This keeps my skin texture smooth and even, and pores tight without that super dry feeling."
—Celia Smith, ESSENCE.com fashion editor

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"Long, fluttering lashes are a must, especially in spring. This two-in-one product has lash conditioner on one end, so you can grow your lashes over the long term. Deep black mascara on the other end delivers instantly volumized fringe." —Crystal Martin

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"I love this oil. It's 100% argan—no fillers or fluff. It's rich in fatty acids and Vitamin E that make it nature's great beauty multitasker. I wear it as an everyday moisturizer plus I dab it under my eyes, on cuticles, and ends of my hair." ($48; josiemarancosmetics.com)
—Crystal Martin


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"I wear sunscreen all year round. But this light formula is perfect for spring-summer because it leaves and ultra-matte finish.
—Crystal Martin

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"I'm very obsessed with antioxidants. They're a girl's first defense against aging. Phloretin CF is my favorite—it protects again UVA and UVA damage and corrects hyperpigmentation."
—Crystal Martin, contributing editor

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"This soft mousse keeps my ringlets defined and frizz free. I also love Hair Rules Blow It All Out Spray. It protect my hair from heat damage, which is so important now that I've added color." —Celia Smith

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"This is a great non-greasy way to get your skin glowing and it smells like heaven."
—Celia Smith, fashion editor

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"I press this botanical oil into my skin at night before bed and wake up with a glow."
—Celia Smith

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"This hair scent smells great! There's not a lot of alcohol in this product, so it won't dry out your strands. It's great for dates, when you want the guy to get a whiff of something lovely when he leans in."
—Deena Campbell

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"It sticks to your lips all day! I use it on my hands, cuticles—and I love the fresh scent!"
—Deena Campbell, hair and beauty editor, ESSENCE.com

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"Seeing my own bare legs is a shock every spring, after a long winter of gam hibernation. A luxe shave cream, like this moisturizing butter, helps me make a smooth transition."
—Crystal Martin

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"In a partnership with my favorite brown beauty retail site, DOOBOP.com, NCLA created exclusive nail wraps that are colorful and so unique. They're the perfect springtime DIY nail art."
—Crystal Martin

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"I'm a die-hard fan of Dove body wash. When I use them, I never get that post-shower skin tightness (read: dryness) that I get from other brands. This scent is gourmond without being saccharine, which I love."
—Crystal Martin

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"We try on a lot of polish around the office, so a great remover is a must. The whole beauty team loves this Bernadette Thompson lacquer remover. The formula is oil based so it doesn't dry out your nails and cuticles. Plus it smells devine."
—Crystal Martin

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"I love how this creamy formula makes my dark spots disappear without any burning of my skin. It applies very smooth and it's quite refreshing!"
—Andrea Jordan, ESSENCE beauty assistant

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"I just started using this and I love the richness of the cream and therapeutic smell of roses on my skin all day."
—Celia Smith

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"A great refresher for my curls. It also slicks back my curly roots when I want that sleek, but touchable hair!"
—Andrea Jordan

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"When you have super sensitive skin and don't want your skin to get dry or irritated with cleansing, this soapless cleanser is great bc it cleanses the impurities without stripping or irritating the skin." —Andrea Jordan

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"This brand new shade from Julep is a creamy, vintage-y mint green. It puts me in the spring state of mind."
—Crystal Martin


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