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[MUSIC] It feels so incredible to be a part of this [UNKNOWN] Campaign. [MUSIC] We love Beyonce to death and to just know that we are amongst other incredible women as well, you know, promoting self beauty and self worth, while also looking cute, you know? Just looking fire. [MUSIC] What I love most The most about the Ivy Park collection is how comfortable it is. Yeah. You never want something that feels restricting. Right. We feel like we're free birds need clothes. We have so many different pieces we can choose from. I love the body suits. And the sweat pants and the leggings. I am all about sweat shirt life. I love collection. I would have to say the best thing to wear is confidence. You could have on the craziest outfit, or the cutest outfit, and it won't look right. If you don't carry yourself like the queen you are. Definitely just be yourself in whatever part of life it is. It's cool because I'm being myself, it's fun because I'm being myself. [MUSIC]

Chloe and Halle's Cotton Candy Makeup Slay Will Give You Life

These two sisters are beauty icons in the making.  


On June 3, Chloe and Halle performed a powerful rendition of Billie Holiday’s “Strange Fruit” at the Ladylike Foundation’s 9th Annual Gala. The aforementioned organization provides mentorship, workshops and education resources to young women in underprivileged communities.

Aside from their powerhouse vocals, the duo’s head-to-toe ensembles were also a hit. Dressed by celebrity stylist Zerina Akers, the two walked the red carpet and performed in gowns by Juan Carlos Obando.

Leon Bennett

Their pink ensembles were perfectly complimented by rosy makeup, done by L.A-based makeup artist Christiana Cassell. While both rocked gorgeous pink pigment on the lids, Cassell opted to go with a pastel purple lip for Halle and a coral lip for Chloe.

Of course, the sisters also donned their signature locs, styled by Kimberly McAllister and adorned with golden twine and rings.

David Livingston

We’re sure this is the first of many stunning looks we’ll see from the duo this summer, as just last week they released their long awaited new mixtape The Two of Us.

You can also catch the gorgeous girls at ESSENCE Fest, where they’ll they perform music from their new project at the R&B Superlounge.