Black History Month-Inspired Makeup For The Culture
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February is moving too quickly but while we still have some time, we’re continuing the celebration of our rich history and our dedicated leaders. This past weekend I came across an Instagram post of a beautiful woman with a Black history month inspired beat.

The makeup is a mix of the bright and rich colors of our various African and Caribbean flags, and a vampy Black lip with a block of color down the center. It’s the work of Maryland-based Crayon Cutie Shayla Reeves.

In the caption, she writes, “For the culture. I’m so grateful for those who came before me to fight for my freedom!!” She topped the look off with a headwrap and has a Kente print in the background. The post oozes with the “Blackity Black Black” that everyone was excited about at the top of the month and I love it.

We salute Reeves for this look that pays homage to our leaders. And we’re reminded that in every industry there are Black soldiers who had to blaze trails and open doors. She is able to do what she does because of the men and women who broke into the artistry of cosmetology. This look is dazzling and regal, and is the perfect way for a makeup artist to honor their fight and represent the culture.

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