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Better Than Sex Mascara Just Got Better!

We're willing to bet that this mascara lives up to its name!

Lash enthusiasts, rejoice! Your favorite mascara is adding a new addition to the fold. For beauty girls, who love a good mascara that does it all: curls, volumizes, separates and gives you lashes that were made for TV it doesn’t get much better than Too Faced Better than Sex mascara. Now, if you’re thinking the product’s name is heavy claim to make, you would be right, but ask any beauty aficionado and you will be hard-pressed to find a girl who isn’t a fan of the cult-beauty favorite.  Too Faced recently announced that the coveted mascara will be available in water-friendly formula that is set to hit the shelves of your favorite beauty retailer on March 1. So if you’re a mascara girl at heart, who avoids coating your lashes like the plague because of watery eyes and severe allergies or if you’re the emotional one in you friend group (no judgment), this waterproof formula was designed with you in mind. Because no one should miss out on killer lashes simply because they’re prone to indulge in the occasional waterworks show.  Now, whether the formula really is stand up to its claim is up to you, but the name alone will add a little sexy to your morning. I mean, what girl wouldn’t stand a little taller who knows her lashes are better than sex? 

If you can’t wait until March 1 for the waterproof formula, you can always get the orignal Better than Sex ($23, at Sephora) formula to tide you over for this month!