Rollout: The Hottest Pedicure Colors for Summer

Beauty experts reveal their favorite hues for perfectly polished toes

This article origianlly appeared on PEOPLE.

Next time you hear “pick a color!” when you walk into a nail salon for a pedicure and are unsure about which hue to choose, take a suggestion from an expert. We tapped salon owners, celebrity manicurists and more to find out the hues they’re painting on everyone’s toes this summer, and their answers range from millennial pink to shimmery metallic to trendy nude and beyond. Scroll through to see the colors you should choose for your next pedi right away.


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"Our devotees flock to this subtle cornflower blue because it complements everything from cutoffs to a ruffled sundress." —Mary Lennon, Côte shop cofounder

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"I love this plum for its versatility. Whatever your event, the vibrant pop of color will never disappoint." —Julie Kandalec, Essie celebrity manicurist 

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"This ultrachic color, which isn't too beige or too pink, is my personal go-to when I need a break from bold hues." —Nadine Abramcyk, cofounder of Tenoverten nail salon

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"Our clients can't get enough of this creamy coral tone because it's refreshing but not overwhelmingly bright." —Sarah Gibson Tuttle, founder of Olive & June nail salon

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"This glossy, grown-up white just begs to be paired with some strappy stilettos." —April Foreman, celebrity manicurist

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"My clients prefer classic, neutral colors, and the pearlescent finish in this light pink shade gives it a modern feel." —Madeline Poole, Sally Hansen Global Color ambassador

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"On bronzed skin this shimmery gold is especially gorgeous." —Shelly Hill, General Manager of Base Coat Nail Salon 

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"This vivacious hue screams, 'Happy!' It's an instant mood booster." —Jin Soon Choi, owner of Jin Soon Hand and Foot Spa 

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