11 Lightweight Foundations That Are Heavy Hitters For Flawless Coverage

Oleksandr Pshenychnyy

Because your skin deserves a proper glow-up. 

Jennifer Ford May, 10, 2017

When temperatures go high, we go low—maintenance that is; especially when it comes to our makeup. Instead of applying weighty foundations, many of us swear off makeup all together in the name of breathable skin.

But there’s no need to forfeit a flawless complexion for the sake of surviving spring and summer. Ace your base amidst muggy weather, with the heavy hitters of featherweight foundations. Below, we’ve rounded up the best formulas for disguising imperfections during the warmer months and they meet all of our requirements.

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They’re budge-proof, long- lasting, non-clogging and of course, Black girl-friendly. If you haven’t updated your makeup bag with warm weather essentials, start by trading out your full coverage foundation for one of these must-haves.


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Skip the correcting creams and concealers. This  ultra-light, buildable foundation blurs out imperfections and leaves the skin with a soft radiant glow.

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This water-based formula is long-wearing and conceals all sorts of imperfections, from blemishes to large pores. It's also oil-free and includes UV protection, in addition to light relflecting optics that boost your glow and deliver a skin- like finish.

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Glow all summer with this sheer-coverage elixir, infused with oils and pure pigments that create a long-lasting glow.

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Enhance your complexion with this buildable brightening formula, featuring antioxidants, turmeric and Vitamin C. This trifecta of ingredients helps to improve your skin's radiance and texture, while evening out tone.

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Instead of a streaky and oily face, get cashmere-like comfort all day with this weather-proof foundation, available in a plethora of shades to compliment a variety of skin tones.

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Everything's in the name with this award-winning mineral foundation.  It provides seamless natural coverage and feels like a second skin.

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This foundation is magical and the ethereal glow this lightweight formula leaves behind is telling.

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We love everything in high definition, including our foundation. Get coverage so traceless that your camera won't even be able to detect imperfections.

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Think of this as a luxurious lightweight lotion that just happens to perfect your complexion and deliver a satiny finish. 

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Not only do good things come in small packages; they're also available in a wide variety of shades! This 12 hour wear formula delivers breathable, long-lasting coverage and comes in a bevy of colors. 

available at Sephora $28 Buy Here

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This foundation delivers full and flawless coverage without the heavy, cakey finish. 

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