5 Questions to Ask Before Scheduling Your Next Lash Extension Appointment
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Getting lash extensions for the first time can be scary. All types of questions run through your head: will I have an allergic reaction? Will it ruin my real lashes? What if glue gets in my eye? Will I go blind? We asked Lash Stylist, Zahoor A. Qureshi (also known as ZAQ) from Salon Thalia in Center City Philadelphia to help us breakdown the truths and myths about the growing trend. Here, she gives us five questions to ask your lash expert before you make an appointment.

Question 1: Is the expert I’m considering certified and trained from a respectable company? “Do not book an appointment with nail salons because they use cheap adhesive,” says Qureshi. “Do your own research. Lash extension companies that are respectable and credited with proper training have website directories where you can find a certified lash stylist and who is the best in their areas.”

Question 2: Do I have a special event coming up so I can get the best use out of wearing lashes? It’s always helpful to schedule your lash appointment near a big event so you can attend looking fabulous!

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Question 3: How much length (in millimeters), curvature (35, 40, 55 degrees) and width (from 0.05 mm to 2 mm) of lash extension should I get according to age group, lifestyle, family life and work life? “For working women, I suggest she go with a natural look,” says Qureshi. “If you’re younger and want to look more glamorous, you might want a cat eye look with extra long lashes. I always recommend first time Xtreme Lashes Lash Extension applications to start with a natural look (which is 2 to 3 mm longer then their natural lashes length) and them maybe when getting refills, graduate up to longer and thinker lashes.”

Question 4: Am I prepared to keep up with them if I love them? Lashes extensions application is a very addicting cosmetic service. “Be prepared to invest the time and money for refills because lashes will make you fall in love with yourself over and over again and boost your confidence. I know women who do their own nails so they can afford lash extensions every 3-4 weeks.”

Question 5: Do I have sensitive eyes? “If clients have any sensitivity around their eyes, then they are not a candidate for getting lashes extension application because the adhesive does has fumes (only during the application which is up to 2 hours) that can cause itchy eyes and make your eyes watery,” says Qureshi.