We all know how mornings can be — the flailing to hit your snooze button as your phone aggressively plays a song you thought would give you some pep but turns out to be super annoying. It feels like you’ve slept for a whole 3 minutes and you have to get your life together quick before the whole day takes a turn for the worse.

On the day that I discovered MAC’s Studio Fix 24-Hour Concealer my morning looked much like the scene above except I had a flight to catch which upped the ante a bit.

As I made my way through the jungle of TSA and came out on the other side, I was delighted to discover an airport MAC store. Clearly, someone was looking out for me and this was further confirmed when I came across an angel disguised as a makeup artist who listened as I explained my dire need for a new concealer. She found the perfect shade to accommodate my summer color and a new woman walked out of that store.

In an instant, I looked as if I slept 8 hours, gone for a morning run, made myself a smoothie and meditated. I’d done none of the above. Since then, this concealer has been my go-to and has yet to let me down.

The applicator is super handy and the creamy formula goes on like butter. With plenty of 5-star reviews, it looks like I’m not the only one who’s thankful for this dark-circle banisher.

Convinced? Skip that second cup of coffee (that won’t really help you look awake) and shop below!