Global beauty brand MAC Cosmetics is catching heat on social media for allegedly ripping a product idea off of a prominent black beauty blogger.

Their latest product, a shimmering setting spray, is accused of being blogger Joelle Phillips’ DIY spray from back in 2016.

The blogger had used MAC’s regular primer and gave it a glow up by adding ring pigments. Phillips said she removed the video from social media for fear of being copied by large companies.

Still, just last year, Phillips struck a deal with Omglo Cosmetics to create a shimmer setting spray, though this time she used a custom setting spray formula.

Phillips was excited and re-posted a flashback to the moment when she shared how she created the product.To her surprise, not long after her reveal, MAC announced their new shimmering Fix Plus setting sprays.

MAC unveiled the product in collaboration with makeup artist Jun Jun, and denies that the product was inspired by Phillips’ post.

Phillips says while she is a bit disappointed in the brand for stealing her idea, she’s proud of her own line that consciously includes women of color in their shade range.

“It would have been nice to have been reached out to by MAC,” said Phillips. “I would have gladly taken up the opportunity because I really feel like black women, especially in the beauty community, are always the last to be heard,” Phillips told the website Revelist in an exclusive interview.

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