Make Your Melanin Glow With These 12 Luxurious Beauty Oils

Samantha Callender May, 18, 2018

Oils can help restore and repair skin damaged by a super harsh winter. Not only do they hydrate and nourish skin, but they can also help restore vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to the skin.

Ahead, we’ve vetted 12 of our favorite beauty oils to up your glow game. Treat your body to these super enriching and nourishing moisturizers that will help your skin reach its best and brightest all season long.


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Made with 100 percent squalane oil, this product from Biossance reduces redness, locks in moisture, and brightens dull tired skin.

available at Sephora $58 Buy

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The magic ingredient in this oil? Cocoa beans. This seemingly small addition helps tremendously when it comes to restoring your skin's elasticity and reducing inflammation, resulting in a more youthful complexion. 

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Use this body oil anywhere you want to shine. The super moisturizing formula not only hydrates but adds just the right amount of shimmer.

available at Sephora $48 Buy

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This organic oil hydrates and moisturizes skin to nourish and repair dry skin.

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Use this organic oil blend to replenish moisture for silky smooth skin.

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Cranberry seed oil helps to create supple and soft skin.

available at Jordan Samuelskin $33 Buy

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Vitamin C helps to brighten the skin, giving you the perfect summer glow.

available at Ulta $42 Buy

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Made with organic argan oil, this product is best used right after a shower for ultra-soft, smooth skin.

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Tea seed, flaxseed and apricot oil help to brighten skin and reduce blemishes.

available at Loli Beauty $68 Buy

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Hydrate and illuminate the skin with this moisturizing shimmering oil.

available at Nordstrom $80 Buy

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This oil uses Jojoba and sesame seed oil to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

available at Blue Mercury $32 Buy

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Tighten and tone your skin with this toning serum that will have you snatched all summer.

available at Votary $118 Buy


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