5 Light Therapy Tools For Brighter, Clearer Skin

This article originally appeared Instyle.

You’ve probably seen a couple of celebrities trolling your Instagram feed in creepy masks that glow in the dark. Those pictures definitely give us Jason from Friday the 13th vibes, but the white masks are much more than frightening props for selfies. The LED tools are actually treatments that nix several skin concerns—like inflammation and hyperpigmentation.

It’s not a new treatment, celebrities like Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson have been visiting their dermatologists for years to indulge in light therapy. But more and more companies are making it easier for all of us to enjoy the benefits of light treatments without leaving the house.

Brands like Silk’n and Neutrogena have created at-home devices that can zap acne-causing bacteria, make pores appear smaller, and minimize wrinkles with the power of LED lights. Each color of light gives off its own specific wavelength at low energy levels that are safe for the skin and eyes. Several studies prove that wavelengths from red light reduce inflammation, while blue wavelengths kill bacteria. And the color-coded beauty treatment doesn’t stop there. Brands are offering other shades—like green, purple, and yellow—in hopes of tackling more skin issues.

The best part about the portable devices: They are much more affordable than luxury treatments, which could easily cost you $1,000 after multiple sessions. That’s why we’ve gathered five of our favorite light therapy tools below.

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