Ledisi Shares Her Beauty Truths
Ray Tamarra/WireImage

From writing her book, Better Than Alright, to recording her equally revealing album,The Truth, ESSENCE’s May cover girl Ledisi Anibade Young is all about living her truths. So we were not suprised by the singers honesty while discussing her journey to feeling both beautiful and happy in our May issue.

Here are a few of our favorite truths from the Ledisi: 

Your natural hair will do what it wants to do. “I liked wearing Bantu knots, but they kept locking up even though I didn’t want them to. Eventually I stopped fighting it and let my hair do what it wanted to do, and I loved it because it felt natural,” said the long-time natural.

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Your hair is your best accessory. “I’m known for long colorful locs but I still don’t take my hair too seriously. Changing it helps express who I am,” said Ledisi.  

Often the root of a person’s self-esteem comes from stuff they’re holding in from their childhood. “That was the root of my pain: being told I was ugly, I’d never be anything, I’d never make it, and hearing it over and over…Writing my book, Better Than Alright, helped me deal with old pain and realize how beautiful I am as a woman and an artist,” shared the 42-year-old.

Beauty exists within. “I started feeling beautiful because I came from beauty,” said Ledisi. 

Pick up the latest issue of ESSENCE for more about Ledisi!