Slay! The Poppin’ Lashes Kelly Rowland Can’t Get Enough Of
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After new pictures of Kelly Rowland hit the internet recently we couldn’t help but notice the singer’s impeccable glowing skin against her beautiful orange sherbert-colored dress. And like always, her makeup was flawless and natural. Though what stood out most were her perfectly fanned lashes.  

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They were full, curled to perfection and added just the right amount of drama. So of course, we had to know who made them. Thankfully after a little Internet digging, we discovered the brand behind Rowland’s impeccable eyes — Elora Lane.

The lash company offers vegan and 100 percent cruelty-free lashes delivered right to your doorstep through their subscription service. According to their website, each strip of lashes is handcrafted with the finest fibers making them super comfortable to wear all day long.

If a beauty maven like Kelly Rowland approves, these lashes are definitely worth a try.