We all know how brutal winter can be on the skin.

It’s relentless, and sensitive areas like your hands and lips usually take the brunt of the beating — but ladies and gentlemen I’m here to tell you that I’m not having it this year.

You’re not going to catch me out in these streets with dry, cracked lips and that’s partially thanks to this praise-worthy sleeping lip mask by Laneige.

If your first thought was, ‘girl Christmas is 8 days away, I haven’t finished shopping and no one really needs a lip mask’, I’m going to need you to shift your perspective here because this is the perfect self-care gift and you deserve.

Formulated with a blend of berry extracts, this mask gets rid of flaky, dead skin on your lips overnight leaving you with a soft, hydrated pout in the morning.

If your lips need some TLC, and waking up with a pillow-like pout sounds like a good plan to you, shop below!