Rice water is a beauty treatment that has risen in popularity in recent years as many try to strengthen and lengthen their hair at home. “Rice water is rich in amino acids and vitamins, like vitamin B, vitamin E, and inositol,” Beauty Expert Jennifer Li shares with Essence about the beauty solution that has been used for centuries in Asia. 

“It can help to correct mild hyperpigmentation (with greater extended use) and strengthen fragile or compromised hair. It was also believed to brighten the skin and keep the skin looking youthful,” she adds.

La La Anthony Introduces the Latest Inala Product She Swears By

It seems that the rise of the centuries-old technique did not miss Power actress La La Anthony, who admits that she is a big fan of rice water and has been using the ancient beauty method to keep her hair healthy.

“When the pandemic happened, I got to focus on my hair,” La La Anthony tells ESSENCE. “After everyday use, I started seeing great results. My hair was completely damaged from wearing wigs, weaves, and braids, which were pulling on my edges.”

The starchy water left behind from the rice is rich in vitamins and minerals that are said to be beneficial to not only the hair but also the skin. Using YouTube as a resource, the actress turned DIY-er perfected her rice water method in her very own kitchen.

“During the pandemic, I was fermenting the rice at home, letting it sit for 24 hours, draining it, then putting it in a spray bottle and applying it to my hair,” Anthony reveals.

Although rice water is simple to make and beneficial for the actress’s hair, she didn’t enjoy the smell of the mixture fermenting in her home. So, she used the potent ingredient to create a new product to add to her line of hair care products under her brand INALA.

La La Anthony Introduces the Latest Inala Product She Swears By

“When rice ferments, you can smell it,” the entrepreneur chuckles as she explains the odor. “I kept thinking, ‘there’s got to be a way I can do this,’ which is what inspired the Reset Rinse, which is a 100% rice water complex that you put in your hair and let it sit on for up to three minutes.” 

The Reset Rinse ($30) safely removes build-up while nourishing and smoothing strands using eight basic ingredients, including pure rice water extract. It is the perfect weekly treatment that anyone who wants a clean scalp has to try. 

Even Kelly Rowland appreciates the benefits of the solution! The Reset Rinse is available for purchase at INALA.com.