On Wednesday, the world will be virtually tuned in to witness the swearing in of President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice-President Elect Kamala Harris. And while no, it may not be marked by the in-person fanfare as those prior, absent of the thousands of energetic spectators gathered at the National Mall, the excitement remains. Excitement for four years marked by much-needed competent leadership, and excitement of what our vice-president elect will be donning.

That’s why, we tapped four celebrity hairstylists to share their predictions on the frequently-discussed topic: Harris’s always perfectly-coifed hair. From those signature lightly-feathered curls, to slick ponytails, and everything in-between, this is what the experts are anticipating for Wednesday, and what they’re hoping to see throughout her term.

Larry Sims

Larry Sims, who has styled several ESSENCE cover stars including Zendaya, Gabrielle Union and Jodie Turner Smith, says: “For Inauguration Day, I think Kamala’s hair will be polished, smooth and shiny with a slight bump on the ends. I would love to see her embrace her natural texture to highlight the diversity from whence she came from in the future.”

Ashanti Lation

“I think she will remain true to her style. It’s an outdoor event so she’s going to want to keep her hair out of her face to fully capture her expressions throughout the historical moment. I’m predicting her signature long bob style with big swoops and one side pulled behind her ear. I’d like to see Madam Vice President-elect, with a sleek and pulled back look to show off her edges while keeping it cute! I would also like to see added extensions for fullness or maybe highlights for a more playful appearance. Maybe even some braids come summer. Black women can be so versatile with hair styles. It would be dope to see some of that reflected in the White House,” says Ashanti Lation, founder of VIP Luxury Hair and Hair Care.

Lation continues: “Similar to a daily skincare routine, she can establish an easy, daily hair care regimen. Of course the country comes first, but she can still make her hair a priority. I would suggest a 10-15 minute daily hair care routine of sealing her ends with a lightweight, protective oil such as the VIP ProLong Oil (focusing on the ends and edges of the hairline) and sleeping on satin/silk pillowcases. I’m sure taxpayers won’t mind.

Ray Christopher

“If I had to guess, I would say she’s definitely going to go a little longer with a bit more curl. I would love to see her give us a richer color, more length, and a touch of added body. This would really set off the entire look!,” said Ray Christopher, a Daytime Emmy award-winning hairstylist for his work on The Real.

Angela Christine

Angela Christine, who won an Emmy for her work with Eve on CBS’s The Talk, shared: “I would love to see her with a snatched ponytail but I have a feeling she’s going to come with her signature silk press.”

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