Singer K. Michelle has been an open book when it comes to plastic surgery. Most notably, detailing her near-death experience from black market butt enhancements that left her permanently disfigured and ultimately threatened her life. “When I did my procedure I went to a person some of the hugest celebrities out today have used,” she wrote in an Instagram post in 2017. “I followed the trend and that was 1 of the worst decisions of my life… If you are going through this don’t sit around and get worse.” After four surgeries to remove the injections, it seemed as though the crooner had sworn off plastic surgery forever, so you can imagine the confusion when just this week the star posted two photos on Instagram with an appearance that was visibly different from the one we’re used to.

Donning a beautiful pink wig, the star posted herself with what appears to be just a bit of makeup, but with a nose of a different shape, seemingly more chiseled jawline, and a lift of the brow area. This isn’t the first time questions have swirled about the appearance of her face, however. In 2018, Michelle revealed that she had underwent fillers — rather than the invasive process of rhinoplasty — for her nose after yet again criticism arose about the new look.

And while the general consensus is that she looks great, there’s no doubt that she’s nearly unrecognizable. With countless speculations around what she may have done, the idea that Michelle didn’t go under the knife again actually isn’t too far-fetched. The innovations in fillers have allowed for major shifts in cosmetic adjustments without any surgery involved. From lifting brow lines, cheek fillers, to most recently, incision-free nose jobs, it is 100% plausible that the singer still has yet to have gone under the knife again since her traumatizing ordeal.

With social media in a frenzy, Michelle has yet to address the swarm of replies. However, given that she’s been so transparent in the past, we expect for her to soon speak out. However, as long as she’s happy and in good health, we’re happy for her too.


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