Jurnee Smollett Is The Beauty Crush We Can’t Get Enough Of
Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

We’re six episodes into Lovecraft Country and we can’t stop gagging over Jurnee Smollett. Her character, Leti, is captivating, Smollett’s acting is incredible and her beauty is undeniable.

If you’re not old enough to remember her as Michelle’s dorky best friend on Full House, then, well, we’re sorry for you. But if you are, then you’re probably just as mesmerized as we are at how she went from this adorable kid to a grown-ass knockout in what seemed to be overnight.

She rocks a mean red lip as seamlessly as Sade, and she has one of those faces that looks like she could be from any decade—making her perfect for any role from your period piece to your futuristic drama. So we’re celebrating her and the light she’s bringing to 2020 with a look at some of our favorite beauty moments from the past few years.

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