Jackie Aina Responds To Disturbing Comments About Lightening Her Skin
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In addition to endless makeup products, beauty influencer Jackie Aina occasionally receives unsolicited advice about what to do with her body.

The beloved beauty guru took to Instagram on Tuesday to sound off about disturbing messages she received regarding solutions for lightening her inner thigh area, after she posted a video of herself dancing in a bikini.

Considering the makeup maven didn’t ask for tips, the DMs were problematic.

“I can’t tell you how many times I’m just living my best life, being carefree, being Black, being a woman, being all of those things, and then here comes someone with the suggestion nobody asked for,” said Aina.

“There are two things that will never be up for discussion: my hair and my complexion.”

Aina went on to offer a general rule of thumb. “If I don’t ask, the suggestion is not welcomed.”

When it comes to having dark knees, darker inner thighs, and dark armpits, “I’d like to still be bomb as hell and fabulous,” she said. “And I don’t need suggestions on how to modify those things.”

And according to the post’s comments section, Aina isn’t the only one being shamed for having extra melanin.

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Beauty influencer Shalom Blac, and model DuckieThot also recalled receiving unsought comments.

“I needed this because I recently got shamed for my armpits being dark,” revealed Blac.

“Love this a lot! The amount of times people online have suggested I should use bleaching creams is ridiculous,” wrote Thot.

Aina ended the clip by offering Black girls the following advice for dealing with unsolicited opinions: “Tell them, I didn’t ask.”


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