Jackie Aina Is Launching A New Black-Owned Brand
Photo: Getty

On Monday, when Jackie Aina posted a photo of what appears to be the logo for her new brand, Forvr Mood, to Instagram, and a cryptic caption that announced, “something is coming,” speculation around whether she would be launching a makeup line was short-lived.

Aina confirmed that the new brand is owned and created by her, and definitely “not makeup.” Now fans are wondering what the beauty influencer is up to.

Using clues from Aina’s recent carousel of photos, which includes an image of the 32-year-old holding a lighter, some believe Aina may be working on a line of candles.

Fans are also entertaining the idea of a hair extension line from the YouTube star. “That’s why she didn’t tag it before. It’s her own hair brand,” a fan wrote in the comments section, seemingly referring to Aina’s purple wig.

The brand’s official Instagram page didn’t offer any other details other than a statement in the bio that reads “ Often Appropriated, Never Duplicated!”

And although information about Aina’s new business endeavor is vague, fans are ready to spend their money.

“My bank account and I are ready for whatever [you’re] about to do,” a fan commented. So get your coins ready, because whatever Aina’s about to launch, it’s going to sell out fast.

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