Jackie Aina Has The Best Beauty Advice For Black Brides
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Many people dream of having a destination wedding, including beauty influencer Jackie Aina. The California-based YouTube star planned to tie the knot with her fiancé, Denis Asamoah, in Nigeria, but in light of COVID-19, the couple has decided to pivot. 

Along with Asamoah, Aina is staying positive. Embracing time at home has given her an opportunity to find more wedding inspiration. “We’re staying positive and embracing the additional at-home time by saving our money, finding more wedding inspiration, and actively planning out creative concepts for our big day,” Aina told The Knot

And when it comes to bridal beauty prep, the beauty icon has plenty of advice. 

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In the Summer 2020 issue of the The Knot, Aina, who is also its cover star, dishes on everything from choosing the right hair and makeup look to finding the right foundation for women of color. When choosing a hair and makeup pro, Aina says it’s important to look for diversity.

“If you’re interested in hiring an artist, pay close attention to their portfolio,” said Aina. “If you’re a person of color, looking for diversity in their portfolio is important because even as it pertains to your bridal party, you don’t want to hire someone who can’t work with a variety of complexions or hair textures.” 

Finding the right foundation can be puzzling for makeup artists and novices. Thankfully, Aina also shared tips for getting shade matching right. “I always say match your foundation to the center of your chest, because you want the color of your face to match your body,” Aina told The Knot.

“A lot of us actually tend to be tanner around the perimeter of the face and sometimes around the mouth, so the chest pulls it all together. And you can always highlight and contour accordingly.”

For more of Aina’s sage bridal beauty advice, check out the interview here.


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