Inside Jay Z's New Fragrance

The entertainment mogul’s first fragrance Gold hits stores today. Here’s our take on what inspired the scent.

Crystal G. Martin Nov, 19, 2013

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Even the casual Jay Z fan knows how much his native city influences his work—why would his fragrance be any different? The sophistication, glamour and exhuberance of Gold certainly puts us in an "Empire State of Mind."

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We don’t think of grapefruit as a typical men’s fragrance fodder, but this citrus note lightens and brightens Jay Z’s first effort.

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The essential oil of this Indian grass is so prevelant in fragrances that its scent has come to embody masculinity. Vetiver provides the heart for Gold.

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As Gold dries and settles, there’s a certain romance to it, likely lent to the scent by one of the warmer notes, amber. Perhaps Jay was channeling his feelings for his lady love, Mrs. Carter.

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Not to be too literal here, but Jay does love his gold chains. And the luxe feel of the packing—with its gilded cap and clean lines—reflect the mogul’s Midas touch.

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Aspiration is at the heart of every fragrance. The idea that with a few spritzes one can be a better, sexier, more confident version of himself. Gold is no exception. According to its perfurmer Ilias Ermenidis of Firmench, Gold channels Jay Z's easy confidence and charisma.