What does Jay Z  smell like? Come on. You’ve been dying to know. Money? Sea salty air from all those yachting trips? Pureed organic carrots from baby Blue’s toddler hands? In the hierarchy of olfactory curiosities, the entertainment mogul is right up there with Oprah and President Obama. Well, today we’ll finally get a whiff of the 43-year-old rapper in the form of his first fragrance, Gold by Jay Z. It’s a bright scent that opens with citrus and ginger and finishes with teak wood and vanilla and is available in three sizes that range from $39 to $70. We like it. If your boyfriend wore it, you’d be happy.

But because Jay Z is, well, Jay Z the curiosity wasn’t quite satiated with our first whiff. We needed more. Every new fragrance has its moodboard—a set of images and ideas that inspire and inform its creator. Think of it as a Pinterest page or Instagram feed for a fragrance. Its soul shown through pictures. So what people, places, and things inspired Gold by Jay Z? Click through the gallery above for our take.