If you’ve ever attempted your own manicure, then you know that it can be a frustrating experience, especially when you need to paint your dominant hand. Getting manicures at salons can get pricey. And if you’re anything like me with oily nail beds—apparently great for keeping my skin youthful, but bad for my mani—then you need a re-up every week.

So when I saw Olive & June’s The Poppy nail polish bottle handle, my interest was piqued. It’s a rubbery little tool that cradles the top of the polish in order to make painting your own nails easier. The natural Brooklyn pessimist in me said ‘fuggetabout it, it ain’t gon work’ (in a very Ralph Kramden voice), and the beauty hopeful in me said ‘try it, it might be amazing.’ So I followed the latter, and I’m glad I did.

The wide circular design of the tool is where the genius lies. It’s so simple, yet so innovative. I’ve used nail lacquers with wider tops, and they’re easier to use, but not significantly. I tried The Poppy with both wide and slim polish tops and it worked the same. Because you have a much larger surface to grip, you’re able to steady your hand and have more control, no matter which hand you’re using. With wide tops it took some difficulty to slide The Poppy on. It also takes some time to remove and replace it with wet nails if you’re doing rainbows or a top coat (something to keep in mind).

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Not only did I do my own nails, I also painted my partners nails, which was even quicker and easier to do. The Poppy does not change the quality of your polish, so if your polish is bad your manicure will be bad. But it significantly improved the speed at which I was able to apply clean even strokes to each finger. Olive & June you nailed it. Now if only you can make something to help me hold the polish between my knobby knees.


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