How To Quickly Purge Your Beauty Stash Before The New Year
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With just three days left in 2016, chances are you are scrambling to hit the reset button in every aspect of life. Whether it be something drastic like a new job or relationship, those changes are best complimented with something less complicated…like a new beauty stash.

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There’s no better time than the present to dust off makeup brushes, throw away products you haven’t used in months and restock the ones you actually need. Keep reading for five to-dos to keep in mind while making room for a fresh start:

1. Trash your makeup bag: Unless you’re obsessed with organization, we can almost guarantee your current makeup bag has been through the ringer.

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It isn’t enough to make sure your beauty products are throroughly sanitized; the bag that carries them should be, too! Look for something with a bold, fun pattern or fabric that you can use as a clutch, too. 
2. Check expiration dates and prioritize: Sadly, makeup doesn’t last forever. Before the new year begins, take inventory of the products sitting on your vanity. Rethink what you’re actually using and how often.

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Throw out whatever has gathered dust, as well as those products with old expiration dates. The typical shelf life of some beauty staples are:

*Foundation: 1 year

*Eyeliner: 3-6 months

*Lipstick: 2 years

*Face Cleanser: 1 year

*Face Moisturizer: 1 year

3. Get makeup brush cleaner and sanitize overused products: If you’re not already cleaning your makeup brushes once a week, now is the time to start doing it! After all, dirty brushes are the main culprit for breakouts, so investing in tools is just as important as the products themselves.

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If you’re on a budget, you can also make go the DIY route with dish soap or cleansing oil. 

4. Invest in storage: Another way to attract germs is by leaving your tools out on the bathroom sink or worse: inside your purse! Don’t be afraid to get a little fancy with a brush holder. Not only will it prevent you from constantly losing those everyday must haves; it looks pretty, too! 

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5. Shop ’til you drop!: And once you’ve completed steps one through four, the real fun begins. Start checking things off your priority list by purchasing a new batch of products you plan on using everyday.

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