Cardi B is known for her outlandish manicures, but the Press rapper toned down her nails Monday night for the MTV Video Music Awards. However, what’s “toned down” for Cardi, is anything but boring.

The VMA winner elected OPI’s Dazzling Dew Drop, a shimmery gold nail polish that catches the eye, instead of an over-the-top design.  While we were expecting lavish long nails bedazzled in Swarovski crystals, we were pleasantly surprised when she showed up rocking a look we could rock IRL.

To elevate Cardi’s gilded fingernails, Cardi’s longtime nail artist Jenni Bui of New York’s Nails On 7th, added an ombre finish with OPI’s Chrome Effects powder.

To recreate Cardi B’s vibrant VMA manicure, grab all of the products below.

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