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3 Fab & Fun Halloween Looks You Can Create Right From Your Makeup Bag

These quick DIY Halloween makeup tutorials will help you transform using products you already have at home.
Ditch the stress of last-minute shopping for a costume, and put your makeup bag to good use for Halloween! Here are three ways to transform your face and create an eye-catching Halloween look using a few products you probably already have.
Costume: Venomous Reptile Products Needed: Loose powder, eye shadow, eyeliner, and lipstick
Costume: Fierce Lion Products Needed: White eyeliner, black eyeliner, black Lip Liner, silver eyeshadow, false lashes
Costume: Ventriloquist Dummy Products Needed: Foundation one shade lighter than your skintone, White eyeliner, black eyeliner, red Lipstick, pink lipstick, blue Lipstic The best thing about these looks is that you can get creative and make them your own using some of the products you use every day. Happy Halloween!