17 Scary Good Halloween Makeup Looks Spotted On Instagram

Beauty girls know that Halloween is a prime time to flex those makeup skills. Each year, we're taken aback by just how much can be accomplished with our beauty stash. With just a few swipes of shadow or liner, you can transform into just about anything without changing your wardrobe. From your standard cat or vampire to something truly unique, there's no need for a costume if you're serving face that onlookers can't stop obsessing over. As with any other momentous occasion, the Internet is full of inspiration for those who need a little motivation to step outside the box. These beautiful black women are equal parts spooky and fabulous. 

Nikki Brown Oct, 24, 2016

1 of 18 @beautyslave.s/instagram

This makeup moment is a bloody good time!

2 of 18 @dyana.makeup/instagram

She's spooky in technicolor. 

3 of 18 @dyana.makeup/instagram

Her bronzed highlight remains in tact under black makeup. 

4 of 18 @mss_eff/instagram

You can never go wrong with classic skeleton face paint!

5 of 18 @faces_bylexie/instagram

This beauty pulls off a transformative look without using tones of makeup. 

6 of 18 @artsogram/instagram

We literally cannot look away. 3-D makeup for the win! 

7 of 18 @faces_bylexie/instagram

With just a few brightly colored liners, you can recreate this cartoonish beauty look. 

8 of 18 @xoxo_stina/Instagram

This dead camp counselor makeup look is straight out of the movie Friday the 13th!

9 of 18 @morleiahbeats/instagram

By keeping the Halloween detail on her lip, this gorgeous gal is keeping it glam for the holiday. 

10 of 18 @tiffanithorne/instagram

If you're not into flashy Halloween makeup, simply accentuate your eyes with a burst of color like this beauty. 

11 of 18 @mycrazesbook/instagram

Sometimes, all it takes is black eyeliner and a killer set of color contacts to pull off a truly spooky Halloween look. 

12 of 18 @kikiknowles___/instagram

We're all about the sparkly detail in this hot pink Halloween moment. 

13 of 18 @sunny_x0xo/instagram

She's giving us pretty and spooky at the same time. This is the one time of year when wearing actual flowers on your face is very much on trend. 

14 of 18 @dsyeshas/instagram

Put your paws up! This Halloween makeup look is wild enough without a matching costume. 

15 of 18 @chinasukally/instagram

This is definitely a unique look. There's no need for a costume if you plan on rocking makeup as eye catching as this. 

16 of 18 @vournalist/instagram

Beauty tip: white or beige eyeliner will make your eyes look wider than they actually are. This Halloween, extend that same philosophy to your entire makeup look. 

17 of 18 @fatuharmon/instagram

Three eyes are better than one! They won't be able to stop staring at this kind of makeup look. 

18 of 18 @chinasukally/instagram

No words needed for the truly ghoulish detail in this Halloween makeup look.