Halima Aden’s skin glows. It looks airbrushed even before the makeup artist begins their work. So it’s easy to understand that the model doesn’t necessarily turn to a skincare product, a makeup palette, or a hue of lipstick when she wants to get mentally New York Fashion Week. Last night backstage at The Blonds, the 21-year old Kenyan-native told ESSENCE what really gets her feeling beautiful and ready for New York Fashion Week.

“You need a good playlist for fashion week because it puts you in the right spirit, it puts you in the right mind set, and it changes your vibe,” she said. “You’ve got to hype yourself up before any event so a good playlist is a must.”

We’re waiting on her to share those hype songs. In the meantime, Aden does still swear by nature’s favorite skincare ingredient–H2O. And she readies herself for a show with a little self-care.

“Today we went to Soma and we used this machine that sucked out all the impurities and I was like ‘wow this is science,'” she said jokingly. “She showed me what they took out of my skin, it was so gross. I clearly have never washed my face.”

Does Aden not wash her face because it’s so flawless or is her face flawless because she doesn’t wash it? Methinks it’s a fake out. We may never know the beauty’s beauty secrets, but we do know that we can’t get enough of her face and we look forward to seeing it at more shows as fashion week winds down.

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