The trend of stolen hair weave is getting downright ridiculous. Professional crooks broke into yet another hair salon and made away with $150,000 worth of human hair in Houston, TX, the “New York Times” reports. This comes on the heels of several recent thefts reported in beauty supply stores and salons across the country, in which thieves bypass the cash register and head straight to the hair weave racks.

Lisa Amosu is the owner of My Trendy Place salon, where the burglary occurred. The thieves outsmarted the high-tech alarm system and destroyed iron bars that covered the windows, and made off with expensive hair extensions. “Whoever did it knew exactly what they wanted. They didn’t even bother with the synthetic hair,” Amosu told the “New York Times.”

Luckily no one was hurt during the robbery, but there were major financial losses incurred by the salon owner. These kinds of senseless crimes not only strip away the hard work of business owners, but they also leave a lasting negative impact on the Black community. SMH…